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CRG programs are designed to achieve our primary objective of closing the young voter participation gap that currently exists in Black communities.

Integrated Voter Engagement (Certified)

This program brings civic conversations and voter registration to places where young people socialize, work, and live. By maintaining conversations that integrate civics with popular culture and local concerns, we can increase voter registration for young people.

Research (Spin the Block)

CRG hosts focus groups aimed at collecting data regarding young people’s perspectives on voting and democracy, which inform our voter engagement strategies. CRG curates focus groups to offer safe spaces for young Black voters to ask questions and vent about the issues they care about the most. These spaces will be used to determine what motivates young folx and how we can capitalize on these motivations to increase activism, community organizing, and movement for community power building.

Organizer Intensive (Renaissance Institute)

By engaging established community leaders and educators, we will identify young Black Georgians who have a passion for social change and a desire to hone their skills in civic engagement, policy, and grassroots organizing. Our goal is to provide high-potential Black folx under 30 with the exposure, experience tools, and knowledge to fill the pipeline for proficient Black philanthropic, community, and civic leaders.

These are just a few of our many programs; we continuously implement new ones!

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