Who We Are

At Collective Renaissance Guild (CRG), we believe that the future of our democracy lies in our ability to organize the power of the collective. Through leadership development, civic engagement, civic education, voter registration, and voter mobilization, we can build a generation ready to lead, govern and build the inclusive democracy of America’s promise.

As a collective, we aim to educate, inform and train young leaders to build community and serve Black communities and communities across the globe. We do this by elevating young Black folx, particularly the most marginalized populations, and providing culturally relevant and responsible information, training, and resources for young people.

“Going to vote is 🅿️. Caring about community is 🅿️. Being a changemaker is 🅿️.”

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Meet Our Team

Camille Thompson

Executive Director of Collective Renaissance Guild

Chanel Taylor

Operations – Quality Control Manager

Michelle Freiner

Digital Strategy Manager

Ashlea Hodge

Program Manager

Daniel Coley

Executive Director to Collective Renaissance Action

Christine White

Founder & Board Chair


Xavier Peoples

Board of Directors


Kamille Wilkinson-Mitchell

Board of Directors